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The world is up in flames

The people’s tears salt your lawn

The grass dies

You play golf.


The world is sick and bleeding

The people pay for bread with death

Liberty is dying

You cower and hide.


The First Amendment is fading

The people’s tears cry out in one voice

The First’s words bleed from The Constitution, as

You attempt to silence the media.


The friends of other nations

Soon abandon us

Fascist nationalism,

being bought with our blood and tears

You boast that is is well.


A free country no more

If you continue to reign with

The iron fist of tyranny

Have you made ‘America Great,’

to your liking, yet?










I’m not a great poet
Just living my life
Someone with words
Hoping to ease strife

I’ve been down the road
And back again now
Got some stories to share
Putting my harvest to plow

Much to my shame
I used to vote red
True Blue now forever
But my past is not dead

Abuse survivor
From my tainted past
I set forth my story now
Hoping a legacy will last

If my triumphs and misery
Inspire and set free
Mission accomplished
I’m happy to be me



Wear a mask, you say?
Not today!
I will have my rights!
They will not get taken away!

My body – My choice!
No, not today…
If you have a vagina,
Your rights go away.

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THE STRANGER is 10k word short story, written in folk-tale style, with a sprinkling of LGBT characters.

Barb has long held onto her feelings of romance for her good friend Greta, but Greta can’t get over her feelings for her possibly deceased husband who went to war many years ago. 

Other residents such as old-time neighbors, Harold and Seth, will also have to take a better look at the details of their long-held argument.

The Stranger moves into town like a quiet shadow, and when he leaves no one will remember him, and they will never be the same.

EVEN STRANGER is the 10k word sequel to THE STRANGER.

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